Why Choose SALTO Systems For Your Business?

Our innovative tech cooperates 2 core technologies we’ve developed SALTO virtual network and SALTO BLUE net which allows to any users maximum comfort and minimum operational effort, to put it in other real words, we do hard work so you don’t have to!

Well… at least as far as it goes in term of managing and supervising the comings & goings in your business.

Using our cutting-edge technology guaranties you don’t have to constantly fuss about updating users and re-defining who could go where, don’t have to worry about worn-out usage of cards and re-issuing them every week and on top of all – our wide varied clientele experience:

  • The comfort of our SALTO KS app – available at your service (and your employees / guests) 24/7. Don’t wait up for anyone to update / re-issue / validate your entrance and navigation’s options as now it’s all available online. Our users enjoying supreme comfort and control via their own smartphone. Essentially your mobile phone is your entrance card, and all that entails (lock / open / re-defining restricted areas / remote control etc.)
  • Increased security – one of the reasons we’re the leading bull of the digital access herd is our impeccable defense code; we know that as a managers you have to look out and be aware for intrusions with in, almost as intensively as you watch out from harmful strangers. Our defense code is practically unbreakable and extremely adaptable easily with users can be updated / blocked from anywhere, anytime, effective immediately, as well as updating certain doors.
  • Wireless tech – SALTO wont waste a minute of your time with wiring and re structuring entrance & exit points; our wireless tech is design to collaborate and install easily on any door, using its original rosette holes or on any fire & smoke protection doors.
  • Danalock platform – real time remote control! Using the Danabridge allows admin users live control and real time data extraction from anywhere, anytime. Basically you can get info regarding any deliveries / services / meetings going on in your property even when your across the world.

Easily updatable flexibility – wirelessly make any change for a greater convenience.


SALLIS XS4 Platform

SALLIS by SALTO combines online and real-time technology, which allows you to enhance the security and gain control over nearly every door within the complex, as well as monitor and control each user.

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Its proven reliability and recognized stability brings wireless access control to every business, providing vastly better functionality and performance than is possible in a traditional mechanical solution with a flexible management system that requires no software installation nor the cost of a fully-wired electronic product.

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Don’t Walk Along The Herd, Lead The Way Simplicity, Comfort, Effortless Easily Updatable, Simple Online Conversion Of Any Door Into An Updating Point!

An overall huge leap forward in term of managing properties, maximum control and convenience – SALTO is not your simple smart lock / your online managing app or your restricted entrance guard; it’s your key to a brighter future where you sit back and mange. Let our tech take care of the rest. Amongst our wide varied clientele you could find:

Massive and Boutique hotels:

What could be more comfortable then offer your guest a simple entrance based on their own smart phone? No lost key’s, no worries about guests passing their cards on to the next person they meet or even worse- key cards get stolen, no need to worry about the maid (or any other worker for that matter) forgetting to lock up. Working with us you can manage all suppliers / workers online with no hassle while offering your guests advanced comfort before even saying hello.

Condominiums / Apartment Buildings / Residential properties / property managers: 

One tenant would like to rent out a space in your property for a month, while ten others would just like a daily use for a professional conference and you have other properties in other cities; with SALTO you hold all the cards, doesn’t matter where you are- once you’ve defined a user capacity he (or she) would have to go through you to change and adapt so when their rent is done their entrance is restricted, when they’re gone they can simply pass the key and host their heart out, if you scheduled a daily usage you could even restrict entrance at any hour of the day. SALTO could easily adapt according to each and every tenant lease terms, making you not only adaptable to any change a tenant might request but also in complete control of any violations under your roof.            

Hospitals, government / facilities:

A gym, an office, a hospital, a government official institute – what they all have in common? Want a minute to guess it or… ok we’ll tell you- places that needs to fit the capacity of a huge number of daily visitors (who should only have access to certain places, and shouldn’t access restricted areas) alongside staff who needs different access, and of course its ever changing… that’s why wireless adaptability is key for proper management. We wouldn’t even toy with the idea of a patient wondering around the hospital doors.

Businesses / shops:

Needless to say – your employees shouldn’t have the same accesses as your clients, and no wondering eyes should find an easy way to access the offices / storage etc.

SALTO supply real-time restrictions and control; the minute you decide to let a worker go, he’s immediately deleted and there’s no room for hassles.