Mul-T-Lock, High security locks

Are your loved ones and valuables safe? Mul-T-Lock locks provide extrodinary protection to homes and businesses. When you purchase a Mul-T-Lock you're also purchasing peace of mind!

Mul-T-Lock's High security locks provide four key features that ordinary locks don't.

  1. Key control (unauthorized key duplication)
  2. Defence against lock picking and bumping
  3. Defence against lock drilling and tampering
  4. Hardened steel bolt and hardware

Yes high security locks cost more than basic security locks, but when you ask yourself "What is my security and peace of mind worth"? Than you realize that in reality its worth every penny.

Approximately every 10 seconds a home or business is broken into. Research shows that most homes and businesses that are equipped with a high security lock 9 out of 10 will be skipped and moved on to an easier target. Give yourself and your loved ones the priceless protection that comes with every Mul-T-Lock high security locks