Intercom and Buzzer systems

Door security solutions, buzzer and intercom systems in Miami, FL

Don't compromise your security, we offer same day installation on most Intercom and Buzzer systems anywhere in Miami Dade, FL

Typical installation of a buzzer system on a store front door includes all of these components:


Buzzer systems are great for keeping yourself, your employees and your valuables safe by keeping the door locked at all times.

How does a buzzer system work and what is involved?

A buzzer system is a system that allows you to buzz people in using a release to exit button or a wireless remote. Buzzer systems incorporate electric locking devices such as electric strikes and magnetic locks. Intercom systems can be added to buzzer systems in order to be able to communicate with a person on the outside, without having to actually open the door and compromise the security of the facility or staff.

Buzzer systems require low voltage wire installation, power supply and modification of door locks and cutouts on door frame. If you haven't installed such a system It is highly recommended hiring a professional to do it for you.

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